Poem: Christmas Eve

by Shane Hubbard

      by Shane Hubbard

The day has duly dwindled,
   The sun has made its leave,
As light that it once kindled
   Dies out this Christmas Eve;
But colored bulbs are flashing
   On chimneys, roofs, and trees,
Illuming patrons dashing,
   Through town on shopping sprees.

The bluebird’s song has ended,
   Its chirp escaped the ear
When day and night first blended,    
   Then night subdued its peer;
But merry crowds are singing
   In church and house and shoppe,
And silver bells are ringing,
   As horses clip and clop.

Now snow is gently falling,
   And crystal flakes of white
Keep carolers from calling,
   This frosty winter’s night;
But here a fire is blazing,
   And stew is in the pot,
And trembling hands are raising
   A mug of something hot.

And children stare in wonder,
   As candles flicker low,
At random gifts stacked under
   The Christmas tree aglow;
Their stockings, damp and weathered,
   Removed from frigid feet,
Adorn the mantle, tethered
   About the flaming heat.

And at the kitchen table,
   Their parents bake the sweets,
And box and wrap and label
   A batch of tempting treats;
Before the night should perish—
   The clock strikes eight, then nine—
They join those they most cherish
   Around the Christmas pine.

Eyes full of sleep soon flutter,
   And here a nodding head,
And what protests lips utter
   When they are sent to bed!
But soon their brains are dreaming
   Of boys and girls at play,
And ruddy cheeks are beaming
   With thoughts of Christmas Day!